Leisure Bench - Delivering a Process Analysis and Subsequent Business Transformation Roadmap to Support the Development of a New Manufacturing Facility
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LeisureBench: Delivering a Process Analysis and Subsequent Business Transformation Roadmap to Support the Development of a New Manufacturing Facility

LeisureBench, an industry-leading supplier of indoor and outdoor furniture, first approached the MTC to support with the design of a new manufacturing facility and subsequent recommendations for suitable equipment, in-line with a new product portfolio the business had identified.


To support the build of the new facility, LeisureBench was seeking external funding, and the work of the MTC was central to this application.

Based in Leicestershire, LeisureBench prides itself on the quality of its products and drive for sustainability, and as part of this ethos, the MTC was tasked with providing solutions that would allow for LeisureBench to manufacture furniture from recycled plastic, as well as its current and popular line of wooden outdoor products.

As well as addressing the current requirements of the business, the proposed solutions would need to futureproof LeisureBench’s operations and provide scope for future organic growth.


The project was split into four phases of work, all of which were completed in under four weeks. Firstly, the Manufacturing Support Services (MSS) and Business Transformation teams completed a process analysis to understand the manufacturer’s existing operations and to help identify limitations and areas for improvement. The results of this analysis led to the formation of a roadmap transformation journey focused on a future state, within which five key pieces of equipment were identified that would best meet LeisureBench’s manufacturing objectives.

To support the investment bid, three comparative quotes were required for each of the five pieces of machinery; this was completed in less than one week to meet the tight timescales of the application.

The next phase of the project saw a further 30 quotes for new equipment sourced against an extended brief from the client. Proposed solutions were aligned to this and the roadmap previously identified, with key factors including a drive towards more automated processes, effective cost management, maximising factory floor space and operational sustainability, whilst critically delivering against the manufacturing requirements of the existing and new product ranges.

All quotes were compiled and presented to the client to permit ease of comparison of product specifications and costs. This information was also supplied to the LeisureBench team in a format that supported their funding requirements.

In-line with LeisureBench’s drive to improve sustainability, the equipment proposed would not only meet the manufacturing requirements of the new recycled plastic product line, but the MTC also focused on suppliers within the Midlands and therefore near to LeisureBench’s proposed new factory location. The project team consulted with others across the MTC to obtain recommendations as part of the organisation’s ongoing work to support the local supply chain.

The MTC also provided consultancy to support LeisureBench’s adoption of digital management processes. This also included how the business stores and uses data to inform key performance indicators (KPIs).

This project was central to not only identifying how we could deliver the future direction of the business, but also in supporting our bid for funding. Everyone at the MTC was extremely helpful and they really went above and beyond to meet the timescales that we knew were difficult. We wouldn’t have been able to do this work without the MTC and we hope to work with them again in the near future.
Saul Musson, Managing Director, LeisureBench
It was great to work with LeisureBench as they are an SME keen to improve and open to new ideas. Over an intensive four-week period, the project team identified new technology and investment opportunities to ultimately deliver a sustainable business transformation journey. This strategic pathway enabled a network of suppliers and resources to de-risk the short and long-term business objectives.
Jaipreet Bahra, Project Engineer, MTC


15 different assets or machines were identified and down selected from the process analysis.

45 quotations from more than 20 Midlands-based suppliers were researched and supplied to the client in under four weeks.

Almost £250,000 worth of equipment was scoped out and key information supplied to the client.

Information and analysis was directly supplied in formats suitable to submit with the funding application.


The client was provided with solutions that would not only serve its existing operational requirements, but would futureproof the business and provide opportunities for organic growth.

Implementation of digital KPIs would support the business in making de-risked decisions moving forwards.

Speed of turnaround and presentation of key information was vital in the support of the investment decision.

This project required a high level of diligence, organisation, and the ability to work collaboratively and at speed to identify the information required. With the client’s requirements at the core, there were some avenues we explored that we ultimately felt weren’t right and therefore, even against the tight timescales, we sourced other solutions. This was a fantastic project to be a part of and a great opportunity for us to make a real difference.
Connor O'Dowd, Loukas Pitsillos & Zahra Pervez - MTC Graduate Engineers