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Tier 1 member

Member since: Thursday 06 October 2022

Visionary CAE/Multiphysics simulation software provider ANSYS, Inc. (“Ansys”) has joined the MTC as a Tier 1 member.

Global simulation company Ansys has worked with the MTC in Coventry on a variety of simulation projects and will look to further their work on collaborative R&D through the MTC’s CRP programme and other possible opportunities in UK and EU research bids to demonstrate the use and value of simulation tools, workflows, approaches and methodologies to industry.

For more than 50 years Ansys has been enabling innovative companies across industries to push boundaries using the predictive power of simulation. Ansys operates in a variety of spheres – from sustainable transportation to advanced semiconductors, satellite systems to life-saving medical devices. Ansys is one of the largest CAE/Multiphysics engineering simulation software solution providers in the world.