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Member since: Sunday 01 April 2012

Witte is considered one of the leading industrial companies for modular fixturing systems. With the multiple component system Alufix, as well as vacuum clamping systems for all kinds of machining applications Witte, is recognized and accepted all over the World.

Since the company was founded in 1969 reliability and innovation are their highest priorities. Witte's fixturing systems stand for quality, accuracy and reusability:

Modern production engineering and comprehensive manufacturing know-how guarantee the highest quality standards for Witte's products manufactured mostly in high-tensile aluminium. Especially for machining large and complicated aluminium parts for aerospace customers or medical technology, Witte is considered to be a renowned partner.

Sustainability is a central aspect of Witte's philosophy and is evident amongst other things in the comprehensive retooling possibilities of their products as well as in the use of energy-efficient equipment and recyclable materials.