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Member since: Saturday 19 January 2013

When maximum reliability is required for electronic assemblies, ZESTRON is your partner.

ZESTRON offers a wide selection of precision cleaning agents for SMT electronics, power electronics and semiconductors, to remove flux residues, resin residues and solder paste from circuit boards / pcbas, power modules, flip chips, stencils, maintenance parts, and more.

A worldwide team of process engineers across eight locations supports electronics manufacturers to choose the most suitable cleaning process for them on a manufacturer-neutral basis. The results are analysed in ZESTRON’s analytical centre using high-resolution methods such as ion chromatography.

With our ‘Reliability & Surfaces’ training courses and individual technology coaching, you can learn more about the reliability of electronic assemblies. Our courses include: failure analysis, risk assessment, surface analysis and surface qualification, cleanliness management, and coating and wire bonding processes.

For more information visit www.zestron.com