Dr. Clive Hickman responds to the Governments Innovation Strategy
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Dr. Clive Hickman responds to the Government's Innovation Strategy

In response to the launch of the Government's Innovation Strategy, Dr. Clive Hickman, Chief Executive of the Manufacturing Technology Centre, said:

At the Manufacturing Technology Centre, we know that early investment in tomorrow’s skills, processes and technologies is critical to future-proofing the country’s economy, and empowering us to compete and trade internationally. To realise the strategy’s full potential, and to support our best innovators’ ideas, the UK will need accommodating policies that encourage inventors and researchers to be bold, and which fuel investment in research.

Dr. Clive Hickman continued, “The Government’s commitment to increasing public investment in R&D to a record £22 billion will play a key part in this, but its proposed changes in how we support and develop transformational technology through education, regulation and procurement will also be vital.

“The right policies will encourage solutions that will help strengthen our national resilience - whether by bolstering our supply chains against future shocks like those we’ve seen during the pandemic, or by helping to meet our net-zero commitments.”


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