MTC announces nTopology as new member
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MTC announces nTopology as new member

The MTC is delighted to announce that nTopology, a software company building next generation engineering design tools for advanced manufacturing, has joined as a member.

NTopology’s nTop Platform software allows engineers to simultaneously consider design, simulation and advanced manufacturing processes in a single workflow.

nTop Platform’s automated workflow based functionality allows companies to leverage the expertise of their best AM designers to build templated workflows that enables both more efficient modeling of complex geometry and wider use of AM across their enterprise.

The Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) team at the MTC is looking forward to collaborating with nTopology, by using implicit modelling to create field driven designs, providing feedback to nTopology on their platform and creating custom toolkits, exploring the use of implicit models for auxetic structures and mechanical metamaterials, working together to develop KBE tools in software as well as benchmarking the Additive Manufacturing workflow using direct slice, as opposed to a conventional DfAM workflow.

As an MTC member, nTopology is looking forward to supporting the UK manufacturing industry with the broad, powerful capabilities available in nTop Platform - not replacing current software stacks but rather integrating with them so that designers and engineers can design more efficiently to take advantage of the latest manufacturing technologies.

nTopology is thrilled to be a new member of MTC joining over 100 other companies — We’re looking forward to bringing nTop Platform design software to the UK manufacturing industry to enable maximum performance from advanced manufacturing with better design software. We’re excited to work together to break the boundaries that limit the full potential of manufacturing in the UK.
Bradley Rothenberg, CEO, nTopology

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