MTC Apprentice supports the NHS through COVID-19
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MTC Apprentice supports the NHS through COVID-19

Amy Harris is a first year apprentice at the MTC’s Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre. Amy used to be a nurse, before joining Amazon for her engineering apprenticeship. When we went into lockdown in March, Amy stepped up to volunteer in her local NHS COVID ward.

Amy says,

"Nursing was always a passion of mine but the stress hindered the spark I had for my job. It is nice being back on the wards. I had heard the COVID ward at my local hospital was struggling with staffing levels, as the majority of the staff were off with the virus. I offered my services, as I know it can get dangerous when you don't have the adequate number of staff on each shift. I have to admit that I do get nervous going into work in case I catch it, but it is soon pushed aside when I see my nursing friends and we just get 'stuck in'.

The PPE gets very uncomfortable and your ears get red raw from the straps of the mask. I would say the worst part of wearing the masks is that the patients don't know I am smiling at them!

Fortunately, the NHS are providing accommodation for anyone that lives with others in their household. My father is 79 and so I would hate to take it home to him. I can’t wait to be able to see him again, although he will probably say he has enjoyed the peace and quiet!

I work night shifts Friday, Saturday and Sundays and then the occasional twilight shift, which is 5.00pm until 1.00am. I try not to do too many shifts, as I still need to continue with my written work for my apprenticeship. It has been tough and sleep is just a distant memory however it feels amazing to be part of the amazing nursing team again."

Adrian Bland, Delivery Manager at the Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre, thanked Amy on behalf of the MTC community saying,

"Amy typifies the commitment our health care workers demonstrate every day, but not only has she stepped up in a national emergency, she has also continued with her engineering journey never missing a deadline or a virtual lesson. I am very humbled by her dedication, selflessness and commitment to both her community and learning. We our very lucky to have the opportunity to work with a heroine such as Amy."

MTC Apprenticeships continue to support Amy as she balances her additional role with her studies. 


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