MTC's AM Apprenticeship Achieves Accreditation from Awarding Body
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The Manufacturing Technology Centre’s Additive Manufacturing Apprenticeship has been awarded accreditation by the Specialist Awarding Organisation for Engineering and Manufacturing (EAL).

The MTC has been developing new additive manufacturing units with the support of EAL to provide employers with a pipeline of technicians fully skilled in one of the fastest growing advanced manufacturing technologies in industry.

The new units, which will be offered at the MTC’s Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre in Coventry as well as Oxfordshire Advanced Skills in Abingdon, will cover topics such as operating an additive manufacturing machine and carrying out post-processing of additive manufactured components.

Additive manufacturing, or industrial 3D printing, is now employed across many manufacturing sectors in a variety of materials, producing everything from simple tools to major parts for aero engines. The MTC is home to the National Centre for Additive Manufacturing (NCAM) bringing together one of the most comprehensive combinations of equipment and capability in the UK.

The new apprenticeship units will be launched in September 2022 and will address the current shortage of skills in this vital area of advanced manufacturing. We have been piloting these units with the Institutes of Technology through a series of successful Train the Trainer programmes. While there are a number of additive training courses currently available in the UK, these tend to be focused on equipment use. MTC Training is aiming to provide additive manufacturing apprenticeships that will cover the whole range of competences necessary for specific occupations. They will also offer an accredited curricula of short courses to enable the up-skilling of existing staff.
Martin Dury, Head of Future Skills, MTC

He added,

The MTC is an acknowledged world leader in additive technology. We have the equipment and capabilities to deliver first class, sector-wide and technology-agnostic programmes for apprentices or existing employees. The manufacturing industry is in need of this and we will be able to make it available in a format which allows people to study while working onsite for their employers.
We have been working with MTC Training to develop competency qualifications that will define the knowledge, skills and behaviour required to operate in the various job roles in an end-to-end additive manufacturing production environment. These qualifications will form the foundation for the apprenticeship programmes and short course curricula, while the consultative process which the MTC undertook with industry, manufacturers, OEMs, and academia ensures qualifications exactly match the needs of industry.
Darren Fogerty, Product Specialist, EAL

Last month EAL launched new additive manufacturing units in a number of qualifications, which can be used as standalone qualifications or to support the relevant standards. The include:

 - EAL Level 3 Diploma in AM and Engineering – Product Design and Development Technician (Development Competence) Diploma - 603/1353/5 Extended Diploma - 603/1354/7

 - EAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Development Knowledge) - 603/0926/X

More information on EAL qualifications can be found at

More information about the additive manufacturing apprenticeship is available from Colin Bancroft, regional manager – North at


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