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News: Conference to Help Industry Reap the Benefits of Automation and Robotics

News: Automation and Robotics can be the key to Business Success

News: Automation and Robotics Brings Huge Business Benefits Say MTC Experts

News: Robotics and Automation Key to Boosting UK Manufacturing

News: MTC Develops Autonomous 'Ratty The robot' Pipe Crawler

News: Automation is the Key to Improving UK Productivity

News: MTC's pesticide reduction project using advanced robotics receives Innovate UK Funding

Case Study: Automation Adoption for SMEs: CBE+

News: MTC Chief Automation Officer Mike Wilson Joins Panel Calling for 'Manufacturing Revival'

Case Study: Flexible Automation Through Machine Learning (FATML)

Technology: Automation & Robotics

Case Study: Robotic Bin Picking of Unknown Objects

News: Super Robot on Display At Automation Event

News: Decision Making Robot Could Revolutionise Manufacturing

News: Consortium Wins Bid to Create World's First Robotic Farm

MTC Member: HAL Robotics

Case Study: Automation of Wax Pattern Production

Case Study: Cordless automated smart drill improves aero-structure production

News: MTC Develops State Of The Art Robotic Safe Handling System

Case Study: Laser Welding for Titanium Fairings

News: Mike Wilson Joins the Manufacturing Technology Centre as Chief Automation Officer

News: MTC Supports Warwick Tunnel Boring Team In Global Competition

Case Study: Robocrop: Spot the Robotic Dog

News: Apprenticeships Play Key Role in Business Success

News: Manufacturing Technology Centre and HowToRobot Join Forces to Help British Manufacturers Find Robot Solutions

Case Study: Sustainability Linewalk with Lestercast


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Case Study: New software improves the accuracy of automated shot-peening process

Case Study: Advanced manufacturing for complex avionics

News: MTC Works With Recycleye in Recycling Revolution

News: MTC features on ITV about workplace social distancing project

Project: EV-LITE

Case Study: Intra-Logistics: FELIX

Case Study: Optimising Assembly Processes Through In-situ Measurement

News: Learning robot could transform multiple sectors

Page: SME Support

Project: i3P Programme

Case Study: Teleoperation With Haptic Feedback and Virtual Reality Training for Hazardous Environments

Page: CRP Voting September 2023

Case Study: World First in Metrology-Assisted Robotic Automation

Case Study: The next generation of food machinery

Board Member: Stephen Jarvis

MTC Member: Prodtex

News: MTC Trials Private 5G Network for Manufacturers

Case Study: MRT Castings - Factory re-design and new technologies to boost manufacturing productivity and agility

MTC Member: Loop Technology

Page: Key industry challenges

News: MTC holds Future of Manufacturing event

News: MTC Apprentice in line for SEMTA Skills Award

News: Event Gives Glimpse of Manufacturing in the Future

News: MTC Takes Delivery Of Spot The Robotic Dog

Opportunity: Senior Business Development Manager (Ref: 861995)

News: MTC Apprentice Named Apprentice Of The Year

News: MTC signs up major UK construction company

News: Leading Sustainable Packaging Business Joins The MTC

News: MTC Invests in Stratasys FDM Additive Manufacturing to Boost Production Capability

News: MTC Training Apprentices Reach Worldskills National Finals

Opportunity: Advanced Mechanical Engineer – Advanced Production Systems (Ref: 748585)

Opportunity: Senior Mechanical Engineer - Advanced Production Systems (Ref: 897699)

Case Study: Developing an Automated Process for Warm Water Prawn Production

News: MTC launches online courses to help manufacturing businesses go digital

News: Business minister in MTC visit

Opportunity: Advanced Research Engineer - Laser Processing (Ref: 925107)

Opportunity: Advanced Research Engineer - Materials Technology (Ref: 927660)

Opportunity: Advanced Technician - CNC (Ref: 902391)

Opportunity: Advanced Technician - CNC (Ref: 905369)

Opportunity: Apprentice Assessor - Work Based (RAF: 889489)

Opportunity: Contract / Relationship Manager - Industrial Large Projects (Ref: 886183)

Opportunity: Engineering Trainer - Lean Manufacturing (RAF: 887851)

Opportunity: Events Sales Coordinator (Ref: 928671)

Opportunity: Improvement Manager (Ref: 929725)

Opportunity: Legal Counsel (Ref: 917331)

Opportunity: Manufacturing Engineer - Additive (Ref: 910461)

Opportunity: Project Manager - Power & Energy (Ref: 929290)

Opportunity: Research Engineer x2 - Laser Welding (Ref: 912200)

Opportunity: Senior Advisor x2 - Digital Transformation (Ref: 930328)

Opportunity: Technical Specialist - Modelling and Simulation Analyst in BFO (RAF: 858134)

Opportunity: Engineering Trainer - Electrical Engineering (Ref: 917650)

Opportunity: Project Manager - Technology (Ref: 917708)

Opportunity: Future Skills Advisor x 2 (Ref: 922676)

Opportunity: Engineering Trainer - Mechanical/Workshop (Ref: 925339)

News: MTC showcases step-change opportunities for the UK construction and infrastructure industry

Opportunity: Advanced Research Engineer - Biomedical – Laser Surface Engineering (Ref: 919551)

Opportunity: Advanced Research Engineer - Business Transformation x2 (Ref: 916166)

Opportunity: Assistant Project Manager - MSS/PMI (Ref: 906004)

Opportunity: Assistant Project Manager - MSS/PMI (Ref: 906018)

Opportunity: Business Development Executive - MTC Training (Ref: 904838)

Opportunity: Engineering Trainer - Electrical Installation (Ref: 927473)

Opportunity: Event Sales Manager (Ref: 922621)

Opportunity: HTRC Manufacturing Engineer - Project Engineer (Ref: 811142)

Opportunity: Manufacturing Engineer - Metrology (Ref: 910453)

Opportunity: Manufacturing Engineer – Metrology Process Engineer (Ref: 924626)

Opportunity: Manufacturing Engineer - Process/Assembly (Ref: 904039)

Opportunity: Power Electronics Senior Engineer (Ref: 906576)

Opportunity: Project Support Officer (Ref: 894485)

Opportunity: Technical Specialist - Non Destructive Testing (Ref: 883370)

Opportunity: Application Owner - Sales & Marketing (Ref: 893745)

Opportunity: Application Owner - Supply Chain (Ref: 910347)

Opportunity: Business Development Director - Built Environment (Ref: 912011)

Opportunity: Project Manager - ILP (Ref: 900485)

Opportunity: HTRC Manufacturing Engineer (Ref: 907901)

Opportunity: Digital Marketing Manager (Ref: 923194)

News: International building consultancy joins the MTC

News: Banking on solving the manufacturing skills crisis

Opportunity: Senior Hydrogen Engineer (Ref: 804487)

Opportunity: Technical Specialist - Business & Factory Optimisation (Ref: 913133)

Page: Aerospace

Page: Health Tech & Pharmaceutical

Page: Industrial Policy Research Centre

Page: UK Construction Week

News: Chancellor Visits the Manufacturing Technology Centre as Part of National “Business Connect” Programme

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