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Hybrid Net Shape Manufacturing by Isostatic Pressing (HyNIP)

Project start date: 1st November 2012
Project end date: 31st September 2014
Contribution from project collaborators: £295K
Contribution from the Technology Strategy Board: £295K
Total project value: £590K
Funding: This project is funded under the Technology Strategy Board’s Boosting Innovation in Manufacturing competencies (January 2012) competition.

The HyNIP project aims to develop a novel net-shape manufacturing process, based on the addition of features to pre-formed components, which will enable precise, complex parts to be created without the need for extensive machining and with minimal wastage of materials. The process utilises dual-stage isostatic pressing of metal powders in reusable moulds to produce fully-dense, high-integrity parts. One key benefit of the HyNIP process over hot isostatic pressing (HIP) of powders is that it will eliminate the need for sacrificial metal canisters, which are both expensive to produce and must be stripped from the densified part by machining/etching. The new process will be much more attractive from both cost and environmental perspectives and should increase the use of high-integrity powder metallurgical processes.

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