Project Convergence
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The Next Generation of Aerospace Controls Manufacturing

Project Convergence is a £14 million, 3 year collaborative R&D project. It is led by Moog Aircraft Segment, a market leader in servo-valves which are used to control various aspects of aircraft, for example flight actuation systems, engines, braking, steering and utility controls. Moog’s civil aerospace customers include Airbus, Boeing and Rolls Royce, meaning that each time you fly there’s a high chance that Moog’s valves are contributing to your safe journey. Moog is headquartered in Aurora, New York and has manufacturing facilities in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire that date back to 1968.

Moog aims to protect and enhance its position within the global aviation market via two key initiatives. Firstly, by building a new, consolidated factory site in Tewkesbury, more than doubling its current footprint in the region. Secondly, via Project Convergence, which is running in parallel to the new factory build and which will deliver innovations in digitised manufacturing, developing new processes, improving productivity and implementing state‐of‐the‐art production testing technologies.


The project comprises 4 work packages:

  1. Process Flow & Factory Optimisation: a simulation and analytics-themed work package developing digital twin tools
  2. Digital Thread: development and demonstration of a smart factory architecture to enable a fully connected manufacturing facility
  3. Advanced Automation: focussed on the development of new processes to automate manual and highly skilled, manufacturing, assembly and test operations
  4. Enhanced Capability: focussed on developing new manufacturing capability within Moog, particularly for challenging metrology operations

Alongside Moog and MTC, the consortium also includes Delapena, a honing specialist based in Cheltenham. Delapena will use the project to develop the next generation of honing process equipment, which in turn will unlock productivity gains in the Moog process.

‘Project Convergence really came about because we knew we were building a factory, and we knew we wanted to make a change, but we didn’t really know where to start’
Ricky Vine, Moog Aircraft Segment

The innovations of Project Convergence will be disseminated via multiple channels, including a ‘Smart Factory Learning Centre’ within Moog’s new facility and a demonstration cell at the MTC. If you would like to find out more about this exciting initiative please contact