Case Study: Reducing waste and costs at Harris RCS Engineering
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Harris RCS: Reducing waste and costs

The MTC gives aerospace engineering firm Harris RCS Engineering lift off with a range of improvements.

Delivery from the MTC was very, very good. The employees that were involved bought into all and really took it on. I’m very proud of them all.
Graham Harris, Managing Director, Harris RCS Engineering

The Challenge

A move to specialise in aerospace engineering brought with it a number of challenges.

  • To reduce waste
  • To cut costs
  • Improve workflow set-up

MTC’s Solution

  • Provided an initial ‘walk-the-line’ to assess the company which revealed a ‘bottleneck’ in inspection
  • Devised plan to re-configure workflow set up and proposal to either purchase new equipment to ease the ‘bottleneck’ or find alternative solution.

The outcome

  • Alternative solution found to the bottleneck without need to purchase new equipment
  • Final inspection removed and done in the production process

Benefit to the client

  • Improved productivity from streamlined workflow
  • Reduction in costs
  • Company-whole approach to resolving the issue
Having run the business for a number of years, I have found this very motivating to see everybody’s reaction.
Graham Harris, Managing Director, Harris RCS Engineering