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Key industry challenges

Built Environment


offsite manufacturing

Offsite manufacturing can broadly be split into four categories of Modular/Volumetric (3D), Panelised (2D), Hybrid (3D & 2D) and subassemblies/components (bits).

Increasing demand for housing has contributed to looking for solutions that can help bridge the gap in demand and deliver on the government construction 2025 strategy.

All Government departments have adopted a presumption in favour of offsite construction across all suitable programmes.

Barriers include high entry cost to setup for offsite and the need of an extended pipeline.

Many companies are yet to adopt the manufacturing methods required to fully optimise production.


Using Technology From Other Sectors


The use of robots in construction will become more commonplace in the industry over the coming years both on and offsite as a result of the increase in MMC and growing urbanisation

The rise in MMC is changing how buildings are manufactured and will reinforce the changing use of manufacturing technology to support increased outputs across the construction landscape

Digital Systems

Through its work with the Construction Innovation Hub MTC is driving the uptake of digital systems in construction

The systems such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) will change the way buildings are designed, built and procured

Wide implementation of BIM technologies both domestically and abroad will enhance sector productivity and lower costs due to improved information flow and greater collaboration

By working with companies as they move through their digitalisation journey, whatever their size, we will support the transformation of the construction sector as a whole


Health and Safety


Construction sites are dangerous places with rigorous health and safety rules

These were enhanced during the Covid 19 pandemic due to the requirement of social distancing onsite

Wearable technology is one way to support social distancing onsite and so facilitate the safe return of workers but lack of tried and tested systems available

Other technologies are now being used in situations too dangerous for workers, robots such as Boston Dynamics’ SPOT are being used to gather data in difficult to reach locations for varied construction projects

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