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Working collaboratively to develop and deliver new hydrogen technologies to support net zero

The UK has an ambitious commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050. In support of this, British businesses are looking to transition to clean energy and green technology.

Hydrogen could play a vital role in these future energy systems as an important solution to the decarbonisation of industry, transport and domestic heating.

MTC in Hydrogen

Building on our manufacturing technology heritage, we support and enable the hydrogen industry through our expertise and innovation at every stage of the value chain, from production through to storage/transportation and on to end use.


Supporting the future hydrogen economy

MTC works collaboratively with our academic founders, industry, government and innovators to support the UK’s journey to net zero, helping to accelerate hydrogen implementation and utilisation.

We have in-depth research capabilities and are experienced in working collaboratively with businesses and other organisations to address challenges for the benefit of partners and wider society. We work collaboratively within government funded calls as well as directly with customers and work across the majority of UK and European funded streams e.g. NZIP, Horizon, Innovate UK, ATI, APC etc

We are a valued and experienced partner on CR&D projects and welcome discussion around relevant opportunities.

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Using novel technologies to produce hydrogen 

A key challenge with hydrogen as a source of energy is that much of the technology needed to produce it is being established at scale for the first time. New technologies are emerging but could be complex and expensive and so require a route to deliver at scale and reduced cost.

Our experience in innovative and sustainable technology development for R&D, design for manufacture, automated production and business and factory optimisation means we can support the development of novel technologies to help produce clean energy to meet industrial needs. We can assist your project by helping to rapidly establish production capability, improving the design and manufacturing capability of critical components, such as electrolysers, support the development and use of new more sustainable materials and solutions and design and manufacture overall systems, helping to maximise efficiencies and minimise the cost of production.

Many of these capabilities are also relevant to the demands of carbon capture where we can accelerate the development of technology to store or re-use carbon dioxide without undoing the environmental gains in the process.

Improving storage and transportation solutions

Hydrogen storage, for the provision of an efficient and flexible power supply, is a key enabling technology for the expansion of hydrogen energy networks. However, the safe storage and reliable transportation of hydrogen presents many obstacles due to its density, hazardous nature and cost of transport.

MTC can help to address these complex challenges. Drawing on our capability in component development and design, advanced joining technologies, modular product assembly, pipework inspection and non-destructive testing, we can work with you to develop and maintain innovative and cost-efficient hydrogen storage and transportation solutions. Our teams can help to evaluate transport and storage options for businesses and support the development of most effective solutions for your organisation.

Optimising hydrogen energy usage

Unlike conventional technologies, hydrogen energy end use technologies are not yet as well established. This presents exciting new opportunities for UK manufacturing. Businesses can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by introducing hydrogen energy, helping to deliver environmental benefits whilst also improving efficiency and productivity.

MTC can support you in the transition to new, green energy sources. With transport accounting for 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions, we offer expertise in the decarbonisation of supply chains and logistics fleets, as well as supporting the manufacture of hydrogen propulsion systems. We have the capability to support projects associated with the decarbonisation of heating systems, both domestic and industrial, and the associated distribution and storage within low carbon infrastructure for multiple end use cases. We can support in the design for manufacture and scale up of necessary equipment e.g. compression units, storage systems, hydrogen gas engines, gas turbines and fuel cell assemblies.

Hydrogen news and case studies

How the MTC can help you

MTC exists to create a significant positive impact on society by enabling businesses to generate zero carbon economic growth.

Our expertise spans a broad range of sectors and customer types from SMEs through to large-scale organisations and OEMs.

With industry-leading capabilities, cutting-edge facilities and teams of researchers and manufacturing engineers, we provide a platform to develop and prove processes and technologies in a low-risk environment.

We’re part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, a network of world-class research and development organisations that work together to solve challenges faced by UK manufacturing. By collaborating in this way, businesses can access and leverage experience, knowledge and ideas across sectors to collectively achieve so much more.




To find out more about how the MTC can support your business with implementing net zero technologies, contact the team today.

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