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the Product Innovation Team

The Product Innovation team was created to work directly with those businesses and products at the start of their journey to a commercially viable, manufacturable product.

We work collaboratively with companies and individuals to evaluate ideas, determine the feasibility and support the journey to develop the concept into a manufacturable product.

Once engaged with our team, we provide access to the MTC's world-class advanced manufacturing and research facilities, as well as its team of engineering and manufacturing experts.

We use Design Thinking methodology to support your journey from start to finish through the three stages of the PMI Product Design Pathway.


1. The Discovery Phase:

This is the first, introductory phase of the PMI Product Design Pathway. Here we will work with you to determine if we can support you through the process and support the manufacture of your product.

2. The Iterative Phase:

The second phase of the pathway is the most important and can often be repeated. Our iterative design process enable sus to work collaboratively to decide on a prototype design that we will take forward to launch.

3. The Launch Phase:

This is the final stage of the journey where the full set of technical specifications have been decided upon and the design is ready for production and launch. 

Through these phases, there are a number of key stages that will be incorporated including:

  • An assessment of your Technology Readiness Level (TRL) / Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL)
  • Ideation and concept generation
  • Design evolution
  • Prototype development, testing and iteration
  • Maturing your product to commercialisation

By utilising this approach, it enables us to work collaboratively with you to de-risk your products development and support the manufacture of your market seeding product. 


Start your journey - contact us today!


There are a number of ways to engage with us or for you to speak to a subject matter expert. Choose the best way for you.


1) Book an initial consultation through the form to the right

2) Email us:

3) Telephone us: +44 (0)2476 701600

To support SME’s, scale-ups and startups, our local subject matter experts, offer free initial consultations. The first step is a telephone introduction or in person initial meeting, followed by a line walk of your facility.

A senior member of our Product Innovation team will visit your facility and conduct a tour of your business’s operations to obtain an initial understanding of the challenges faced, before providing guidance on the best route forward.

We will also discuss with you the funding options that are available to support the work we do.

Complete the form below to book your Consultation.


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