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Bradley Yorke-Biggs

Managing Director - MTC Operations

I am very passionate about ensuring the UK grows its global industrial competitiveness in a highly dynamic technological, economic and geopolitical environment. I believe the MTC is well placed to be a primary fulcrum for industrial transformation across multiple sectors, and I am excited have the opportunity to lead the development and operationalisation of its Strategy to take the business to new impactful heights.

Bradley joined the MTC in May 2023 and leads the development of MTC’s strategy, business planning activities, and the coordination of MTC activities across industry, academia and government in delivery of the strategy.

Bradley has over 30 years experience in the Automotive sector having held senior leadership roles at Aston Martin, Land Rover and Ford both in strategic and operational delivery roles. Prior to joining the MTC he was the first Professor of Practice at Loughborough University and CEO of the of the Institute of Digital Engineering, leading the adoption of new technologies to accelerate our national engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Most recently Bradley was part of the UK battery start-up Britishvolt. In December 2023, Bradley was appointed as interim Managing Director of MTC Operations.