Case Study: Delf reap the benefits from MTC Operational Efficiency
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Delf: Reaping the benefits from MTC Operational Efficiency

Our flow of work just wasn't right and we couldn't pinpoint how to get that flow. With Richard's help the solution was so simple.
Jane Jones, Director, Delf UK 

The Client

Delf UK wanted to improve their efficiency and productivity and sought 'a fresh pair of eyes' to assist in streamlining their operation. They turned to the MTC to find a solution. 

The challenges

  • Improve productivity
  • Improve quality
  • Improve organisational control to meet increasing orders

MTC's Solution

  • Developed a programme of change to deliver the productivity and quality improvements needed
  • Created organisational control to exploit technology to its full potential

Benefits to the client

  • Improved organisation
  • Implementation has enabled company to deal with increased sales