Case Study: Extending existing capability in high value manufacturing
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Extending existing capability in high value manufacturing

The MTC helps TTI develop a phased implementation plan to create a fully functional manufacturing facility to supply high value components produced by advanced powder metallurgy techniques.

TTI found the staff at the MTC were very knowledgeable, and communicated well and in great depth. By working with the MTC we were able to meet and discuss projects with a range of potential customers.
Tony Alderton, Plant Manager, TTI Group Ltd

The Client

TTI Group Ltd provides surface engineering and heat treatment services to the UK engineering industry. The group is part of the materials technology division of Dutch company Aalberts Industries NV. TTI provides its customers with access to extensive experience and expert metallurgical knowledge. In addition to offering a full range of traditional heat treatment processes, TTI also provides special treatments designed to overcome specific problems such as abrasion, corrosion and adhesion. TTI Group operates from six sites throughout the UK including the Letchworth site which features two industrial Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) units. 

The Challenge

TTI aims to set up a complete manufacturing facility to supply high value components produced by advanced powder metallurgy manufacturing techniquesAlready possessing extensive thermal treatment and surface engineering process capability, TTI needed to understand what further equipment, processes and skill sets were required to produce finished components.

The Solution

The MTC reviewed industry standard and state of the art practices to understand investment opportunity and costs involved to extend TTI’s existing capability into a growing High Value Manufacturing market. The MTC provided a phased implementation plan to create a fully functional production line in the Letchworth facility with specified equipment, cost, lead time and training requirements.

The Outcome

Following the delivery of the phased implementation plan TTI were able to make a fully informed decision on the investment required to develop their new line. The second phase of the study will involve the MTC engineers placed on site at TTI playing a pivotal role in the setup and training required to get the new line up and running.

Additional Collaboration Opportunities

Following their sign up as MTC members TTI have provided specialist coating, heat treatment and HIP services to active MTC research projects and to other MTC members. This has allowed TTI to further understand the requirements of the High Value Manufacturing sector which, in turn has resulted in them taking a leading role in two large collaborative research project supported by Innovate UK with key OEMs in the nuclear and automotive industries.

Benefits to the Client

  • The provision of a real-world implementation plan for manufacturing capability expansion based on market knowledge and first-hand experience.
  • The building of a close and flexible technical working relationship.
  • Exposure to MTC members opening up business opportunities across a range of sectors and resulting in an increase of 50% of TTIs heat treatment and surface engineering sales relating to powder metallurgy applications.
  • Access to and involvement in strategically relevant collaborative research programs. 
Working closely with the British manufacturing supply chain is core to the MTC vision. With TTI we have formed a mutually beneficial relationship built on close technical communication and cemented with long term collaborative research strategy.
Charley Carpenter, Technology Manager, MTC