Siemens Mobility: Supply Chain Development
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Siemens Mobility: Supply Chain Development


Siemens Mobility’s decision to invest in a new manufacturing facility in Goole brings along a wide range of opportunities for UK Suppliers.

A modern rail network needs high availability from rolling stock. This requires a complex and reactive supplier network.

The MTC were tasked with Identifying competent commodity suppliers to support UK demand for rolling stock, maintenance and new build within the rail sector, improving responsiveness and locality.



Utilising both our business and technology transformation expertise, in order to develop world class businesses that could cope with the growing demands of the rail sector.

MTC applied it’s systematic assessment of supply chain readiness, to ascertain the businesses’ robustness and resilience.

We then used the outcomes of this assessment to create steps for improvement, creating a bespoke action plan to improve the SMEs and offer Siemens an independent and objective view of the robustness and resilience of their supply chain.

Download: Siemens Mobility: Supply Chain Development

Our engagement with the MTC has been easy and timely, helping us to develop a stronger UK supply base. Our partnership over the past four years has been driven by the mutual objective of supporting SMEs in a demanding industrial sector.
Nicola Phillips, Procurement Director, Siemens Mobility


Our work with Siemens helped to improve and strengthen the UK supply base. SME’s had clarity over the improvement steps needed to achieve world class manufacturing standards, gaining an improved profile to a major OEM and Siemens received a comprehensive overview of the SME’s available to them within the localised UK supply chain.



Siemens gained a reliable, resilient and robust network of suppliers that could meet their world class standards, without having to outsource to other countries

Procurement teams don’t have time to effectively check the quality of local suppliers. We took that time back for them, making them more efficient and streamlined.

Utilising the skills of the MTC Catapult network to facilitate the joint objective of developing UK Suppliers. Meaning that traceability, reliability and high standards are met.

It has been really rewarding working alongside highly motivated SMEs, to make them more attractive to OEMs within the rail sector.
Cy Keogh, Senior Business Transformation Advisor, The MTC