Sit ski technology delivers for Rolls Royce
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Sit Ski technology delivers for Rolls-Royce

The MTC integrates ground-breaking Sit Ski technology to mitigate need for large equipment investment by Rolls-Royce

The digital measurement technology used in Sit Ski proved vital to help validate an improved supply chain. This mitigated a large equipment spend for us, with the ability to go five percent higher on customer delivery, creating supply chain duality.
Gary Capewell, Supply Chain Designer, Rolls-Royce

The challenge

  • The MTC, working with the HVM Catapult used ground-breaking manufacturing technologies to improve the design of a Paralympic Sit Ski.
  • The MTC helped to measure the performance of the athletes on existing equipment, before supporting with the design and manufacture of a bespoke, lightweight prototype.
  • The technologies applied by the MTC on the Sit Ski project are also being used with other leading commercial customers to solve their manufacturing challenges.

MTC’s solution

  • For the Sit Ski project, the MTC used low-cost mobile phone technology to develop an instrumentation harness which could measure accelerations, lean angles and suspension deflection. This data was wirelessly streamed to a laptop during an indoor testing session.
  • Working with the National Composites Centre and Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, the MTC helped to design a new Sit Ski - leveraging the benefits of additive manufacturing technology and topology optimisation to save weight whilst providing improved performance

The outcome

  • A lightweight Sit Ski was manufactured saving 30 per cent of the weight over existing designs.
  • The new Sit Ski received very positive feedback from the athletes who tested it.
  • Using the same technologies as Sit Ski, spin-off projects were developed with a number of UK manufacturing companies. They used the low-cost instrumentation to measure manufacturing and logistics processes, where current instrumentation would have been too fragile or expensive.

Benefits to the client

  • Using technology and skills developed on the sit-ski project, the MTC were able to deliver a solution for Rolls-Royce to simplify their supply chain, mitigating the need for a large multi-million pound equipment investment.
  • Product and process knowledge was captured for use in future MTC programs.
  • Proven new technology performance in a harsh environment, with components being pushed to the limits.
  • Further cost-saving projects ongoing with UK manufacturing companies in other sectors, using the technology benefits proven by Sit Ski.
This project has developed a great Sit Ski, whilst showcasing British manufacturing technology, with potential savings and improvements in products and processes all over the UK.
Sean Rose, Paralympian, X-Games Athlete and Broadcaster