Sustainability Linewalk with Lestercast
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Sustainability Linewalk with Lestercast

A Sustainability Line Walk with Lloyd's Bank customer Lestercast has identified energy saving opportunities and established a pathway for improvement to reduce their GHG emissions as part of their sustainability journey.

The first step on that journey begins with a line walk. This has a huge number of benefits, and provides impartial advice on some of the key challenges UK SME manufacturers are facing, how they can be supported and how improvement implementation can take place.   

Get in touch today at to work with the subject matter experts at MTC to see how you can establish a pathway for improvement to reduce your carbon footprint.

“We were invited by Lloyds Bank to get involved with MTC on the Line Walk.  We took the advantage in terms of being able to benefit from the expertise of the MTC in helping us establish our net zero objectives and targets to move forward for improvement for the future.  We’ve already installed LED lighting and we’re looking at other opportunities within the business.  What we do with the MTC will give us extra information to help us move forward with that process.”

“I would recommend working with MTC and going through this Line Walk process in terms of being able to set targets and objectives for the future.”

Martin Whelpton, Technical and Operations Manager, Lestercast LTD