MTC Aerospace - Key Industrial Challenges
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Key Industry Challenges





  • 40% relative increase in productivity required to meet future demand. (ATI)
  • Environmental responsibilities.
  • Increasing efficiency of current platforms and aircraft.
  • 35% relative reduction of airframe weight by 2035. (ATI)
  • 50% reduction of the Buy to Fly Ration by 2035.
  • Introduction of new power sources, such as high power electrical systems and hydrogen.
  • Increasing productivity to meet future demand through a high mix, low volume production. 
  • Environmental responsibilities through use of sustainable materials, processes and weight reduction of over 75%.
  • 6 year reduction in product development time by 2030. (ATI)
  • Integration of battery and fuel systems for hybrid and electrified flight. 
  • Introduction of fuel systems offering sustainable use with aviation fuels.
  • Development of autonomous control systems.
  • Increasing productivity to meet demand
  • Environmental responsibility to reduce use of CONOx and engine noise.
  • Increasing efficiency of existing engine platforms.
  • Introduction of technology for next gen Ultra High Bypass Ratio Turbofan engines. 
  • Introduction of electric and hydrogen propulsion systems.
  • Introduction of hybrid gas turbine, hydrogen and electric propulsion. 

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