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Our competencies and skills


  • Flexible, reconfigurable intelligent automation for complex component assembly and testing to support low and high volume high mix production.
  • Design and development of high accuracy, metrology enabled, complex assembly processes.
  • Smart electronics manufacturing.
  • Development of intelligent tooling to automate dextrous tasks.
  • Automated, integrated metrology and non-destructive testing (NDT).
  • Development of advanced manufacturing processes for complex high value, high integrity components, such as additive manufacturing, HIP, high integrity joining and laser processing.
  • Automated, integrated metrology and NDT processes.


Digital factory and factory 4.0: Connected and data driven processes, simulation and optimisation.

  • Machine and process connectivity
  • Simulation and optimisation
  • Virtual assurance and commissioning
  • Model and data driven processes
  • Connected supply chain


  • Discovery projects to identify the right opportunities for innovation.
  • Technology identification, implementation strategy and adoption support.
  • Operational improvement support.
  • Strategy and culture development.
  • Training, coaching and upskilling. 

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