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Transforming performance and productivity in the construction industry handbook

Despite being one of the largest sectors in the UK economy, turning over £370 billion a year and employing more than three million people, the construction sector is beset by historical problems which are holding back its potential. Margins in the sector are low and subject to huge, often unpredicted variations, productivity is poor, the workforce demographic is high with skills in short supply and the industry has shown a resistance to accepting technological advances.

This book, produced by the MTC, describes a suite of tools and systems that were used on a major project in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, and Bryden Wood and their delivery partners.

The tools and systems were adapted from the manufacturing sector, where they have been proven to deliver step change improvement. These can be applied to the construction sector to help address government set challenges of improving productivity, build delivery and cost and time performance. They will also help to transform the entrenched practices and mind sets which have held the sector back in the past.

Topics covered in the handbook include:

  • Planning for manufacturing quality
  • Design for manufacture and assembly
  • Process lifecycle cost modelling
  • Production facility design
  • Supply chain model development

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