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How can the MTC help?

The MTC can act as a ‘broad church’ for the whole industry, bringing together leading academics, constructors and supply chain, developing a faster route for innovation adoption, providing an ecosystem for building confidence in new innovation and enabling their timely implementation and exploitation. A place where the construction industry can pool its knowledge, share its experiences and solve its problems.

The focus is around four key themes: digital, manufacturing, whole life performance and skills.

A significant opportunity is to work with our modelling teams to enhance build efficiencies of complex programmes. Wide implementation of BIM technologies both domestically and abroad are expected to improve sector productivity and lower costs due to improved information flow and greater collaboration.

Construction robots are also set to be more commonplace in the industry over the next few years as a result of growing urbanisation, but still many construction firms remain reluctant to deploy them. The MTC is keen to work in this area as construction robots improve productivity, quality of end products, reduce manual operations - leading to less errors,  shorten construction time, reduce costs and increase safety in hazardous working environments.


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