UK Construction Week
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Transforming Construction for a sustainable future

The Manufacturing Technology Centre, a lead partner at the Construction Innovation Hub, houses some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment in the world. Alongside cross-sector market-leading expertise, this creates a high-quality environment for the development and demonstration of innovative new technologies which are helping to transform the construction sector.


During UK Construction Week, the MTC is offering guests never-seen-before access to it's facilities, with a chance to view 10 technology demonstrators which are enhancing the UK construction sector. 

Find out more about these exhibits on display below. 


Pictured above: The MTC Workshop


Craft Cell & Press Brake

The advanced automated fabrications cell concept was created to encourage SME and construction supply chain into robotic technologies for small lot product manufacture and demonstration of this through a welding and fabrication theme.


JCB Hydradig

The work displayed here was created as a proof of principle demonstrator that allows robotic assistance to be retrofitted to existing construction equipment, in this case a JCB Hydradig.

A machine vision camera uses targets attached to the excavator arm to provide closed loop control of the part to predefined positions that are determined through kinematic model. 


Indoor Sandpit

The Indoor Sandpit test structure offers space for development and de-risking of products supplied by CIH partners, at a scale of the entire building, and with respect to interdependencies between various products and sub-assemblies.


Laser Cut Rebar Replacement 

In collaboration with Metlase, MTC have developed a paradigm shift alternative to rebar with laser cut fixturing.

Significant improvements in assembly time, H&S and quality have been shown.

Further development has led to this being utilised in our outdoor sandpits foundations and frame structure.

Flatbed Laser Cutter

The laser cell was created to demonstrate how traditional manufacturing methods from the car industry could be used as potential construction methods.

The laser cutter enables the ability to cut steel and aluminium sheet up to 16mm thick with a 8Kw fibre laser.

The machine can also cut tubular and box section with the use of a synchronous robot and rotational axis.


Ceiling Cassettes for MEP

The Conceptual Ceiling Cassette showcases MTC’s capabilities in design for automation of MEP.

This original internal MTC project presents a vision of a future modular ceiling and floor solution, aimed at residential spaces or offices.


Howick Frama 7600

The Howick Frama 7600 machine is a multi-purpose, cold rolling system for fabrication of light-gauge steel frames, such as: roof trusses, wall panels, floor joists using C-section profiles.


Health and Safety Tracker

Health and Safety improvement is a major area of focus within Construction.

Our digital health and safety demonstrator takes asset tracking technologies commonly seen in industries such as automotive, and machine vision used in robotics and applies them to the needs of construction.

Applications include ensuring PPE is worn on site and setting and enforcing work zone requirements for safety.


Omnimove Titan

The Kuka Omnimove and Titan has been used as a demonstration of large, high payload industrial robotics made mobile to greatly increase their useful operating area. The concept of bringing the automation to the workpiece rather than vice versa allows for new applications of robotics in the construction sector.

When used in conjunction with advanced vision and inspection technologies the mobile Titan can be used to assemble large modular construction elements.

MOBIE Cube Fanuc Demonstrator

The Fanuc M2000iA/2300 robot is the largest commercially available industrial robot and has been used to demonstrate the accurate positioning of large volumetric components.

The demonstrator shows 3m x 3m cubes being picked up by a carbon fibre end effector and accurately stacked on top of each other, with the assistance of a vision system.

Both the cubes and end effector were designed for the application, testing the robots capability and demonstrating what is feasible with off the shelf equipment.


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