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The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) recognise the need to build modernised defence that is able to outpace adversaries and retain their adaptive edge. It also has an objective to spend 25% of its budget with SMEs.

The UK defence industry spends over £1.9 billion on research and development (R&D) annually.

Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) oversee circa £10 billion per year of MOD spend. The DE&S strategy is to significantly evolve military procurement and equipment support and deliver through pace and agility, value to the tax payer, people, digital solutions and innovative partners.

Key Industrial Challenges

  • Focus on manufacturability of products before production
  • Increasing MOD access to SME innovation, knowledge and capability
  • Reducing bespoke nature of defence products
  • A reduction in lead time to reach the front line
  • The development of an end-to-end integrated enterprise
  • To build a sustainable defence

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