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The first and overriding priority of the UK Government is to protect and promote the interest of the British people, at home and overseas. The UK has firm foundations in counter-terrorism, intelligence, cyber security and countering the proliferation of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats.

Science and technology is considered one of the most important components of national security. The ability to advance, exploit and deliver new science and technology advances will be of critical importance to security over the next decade.

A key enabler of increasing our nation’s security is to advance the manufacturing capability of the UK security industry supply chain.

Key Industrial Challenges


Key Industrial Challenges include:

  • Meeting future production requirements by upgrading the UK supply chain and improving resilience
  • Developing skills and competencies in new manufacturing technologies
  • Futureproofing manufacturing supply chains
  • Adopting industry 4.0 into secure facilities
  • Accelerating design and development of new capabilities

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