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3D Scanners UK Ltd

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Member since: Friday 27 January 2012

With a wealth of experience in the 3D scanning industry, and as the Master Distributor for PolyWorks® software, 3D Scanners UK share a passion for 3D measurement through their in-depth knowledge and commitment to providing the latest skills in 3D scanning technology.

PolyWorks® is a powerful point cloud inspection solution which boasts the largest installed base of high-density cloud processing software in the manufacturing community worldwide. With the ability to handle huge point cloud datasets that no other software can process, PolyWorks® provides a universal platform supporting all 3D scanners as well as major brands of portable probing devices. The success of PolyWorks® software is further attributed to extensive collaborations with the world’s largest aerospace and automotive OEM’s.

Modules for inspection, airfoil inspection, reverse engineering and probing are offered along with all relevant translators.

3D Scanners UK also provide training, support

To find out more visit www.3dscanners.co.uk