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Tier 3 member

Member since: Thursday 18 June 2015

Accelonix is a group of companies operating across Western Europe serving the electronics industry with specialist sales and support. We provide a key interface between customers and equipment manufacturers offering market-leading products and services. To guarantee excellent support and a maximum quality of the offered solutions, Accelonix works closely with industry leading suppliers, suitable to the European market in terms of the technology, flexibility and scope of their expertise.

The Accelonix group has been introducing, selling and supporting products in the electronics market since 1984. Originally established as the BSE group, Accelonix has since expanded and now operates in several western European locations including the United Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Spain and Portugal.

As a leading distributor of specialist capital equipment into the UK electronics market for over 13 years, Accelonix has supplied and supported the 3D non-contact surface measurement product range from Cyber Technologies Gmbh for coplanarity, flatness, film thickness and surface roughness. To follow on from this success, a new Division has been set up to introduce this, and other complementary technologies into the UK precision engineering markets.