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Member since: Tuesday 20 January 2015

Anything that can be digitalized, will be digitalized. 

Traditional drawing-based workflows weren't built for the era of the internet, Big Data, and smart technology. 

21st-century problems need 21st-century solutions. Model-based workflows are.

Capvidia provides True MBD (model-based definition) solutions: 3D MBD CAD models with semantic PMI (QIF or STEP AP242 file) that are both human-readable & machine-readable--a single source of truth.

This empowers all downstream applications in design, manufacturing, quality, supply chain, and other departments.

Capvidia provides MBD workflows in CAD translation and validation, a path to share interoperable data with various systems (CAD, CAM, CMM, etc.), and opportunities in model-based enterprise and digital transformation that affect the product line and bottom line.

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