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Tier 3 member

Member since: Friday 01 April 2016

Europlacer has been developing machines for electronic assembly since the 1970s.

The company invented the intelligent feeder concept in the 1980’s and gained significant success with the EP928 machine. After acquisition by Blakell Europlacer in 1991 the company moved away from the potential instability of a split-axis, moving board solution to the inherently more capable X-Y architecture that underpins the machines today. Europlacer’s policy has been to ensure wherever possible that technology purchased many years ago, especially feeders, remains compatible with the latest equipment.

Europlacer has continued to produce the most flexible, most "day-to-day" productive SMT placement machines in the market.

The company’s strategy continues to be based on offering unique, innovative solutions such as the intelligent, configurable belt feeder which enables stick-fed components to be placed at speeds comparable to those of taped components. Another example is Europlacer’s partnership with Novatec ( for the patented design and manufacture of feeders for volume solder ball placement by a standard placement machine. This technology, unique to Europlacer, enables the Europlacer machine to be used for placing solder balls (either for die attachment or daughterboard attachment) at the same time as standard SMT components.