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IPG Photonics

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IPG Photonics is the inventor of high-power fiber lasers and world's leading producer of fiber laser technology, which enables greater precision, higher productivity and more flexible production for industrial applications and other diverse end markets.

IPG are a complete ‘Solutions Provider’ and have extensive Applications facilities Worldwide to address Customer problems and to drive future development. IPG can supply fully integrated Systems, from a standard range of Welding and Cutting machines, through to highly sophisticated custom Robotic Work Cells, all supported by IPG’s Class-Leading Service-Support network.

Fiber lasers combine the advantages of semiconductor diodes, including long life and high efficiency, with the high amplification and precise beam qualities of specialty optical fibers to deliver superior performance, reliability and usability. IPG has continually pioneered the development and commercial production of numerous unique technologies related to fiber lasers combining deep materials science expertise and process know-how with a vertically-integrated production model.

The company produces all key components of its fiber laser technology in-house, enabling: (1) better performing, higher quality solutions; (2) faster product development; (3) more efficient production methods with high yields throughout the process; (4) industry-low product delivery times; and (5) rapid ongoing cost reduction with an industry-best margin profile.

IPG manufactures the broadest portfolio of fiber lasers, which are used in Industrial, semiconductor, instrumentation, medical, scientific, defense and entertainment applications. Our technology is used to make the products or provide the services that touch your life in many different ways each day. These include appliances with stainless steel cut by our lasers, automobiles, aircraft and rail cars made with robotic laser welding, razor blades and smartphones precision welded by our products, and magazines and consumer electronics with printing produced by our marking lasers.

Increasingly our lasers are also being used for other diverse applications that include laser-based digital cinema projection, dental and surgical procedures, broadband communications, directed energy, and metal-based 3D printing.

Learn more at www.ipgphotonics.com