Ground Breaking Mobile Router Developed At MTC
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Ground Breaking Mobile Router Developed At MTC

Cutting-Edge Product being Readied for Production

A ground-breaking compact and secure bonded router which solves connectivity and cyber security issues associated with mobile routers is being developed at the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry.

The AlbeePro smart router has been developed by Cheshire-based communications business Albeego. Engineers from Albeego have been working  with experts from the MTC to develop the router and are now preparing to commercialise the innovation and bring it to market.

The router is the first mobile, compact, affordable and business-secure router, able to provide fast, stable and secure connectivity, free of the problems of unstable, insecure and poor connections on the move. More than 60 of the units are being produced for beta testing with a wide variety of companies and organisations, with production planned later this year.

The new router is aimed at a range of market sectors, but particularly those where reliability and security is paramount including the emergency services, defence, medical services and banks, as well as other sectors where secure, resilient, mobile communication is paramount. 

The MTC's Product Manufacturing Incubator has been working with Albeego engineers to develop processes which will allow the routers to reach production stage. This has included design, technical specification, reduction of size and weight, testing, production-readiness, materials supply and regulatory processes.

Albeego director Simon Precious said working with the MTC had been an exciting experience.

"Early on we felt we were a unified team and our experience of the MTC exceeded our expectations. As well as seeing our ideas come to life through each step of the project, the knowledge and experience we have gained is immeasurable," he said.
He added, "When the prototype was unveiled we were massively excited, seeing the concept come to life. We are extremely optimistic about the future of the product and we look forward to further co-operation with the MTC team as we continue to develop products."

MTC PMI, Business Development Manager, Gabrielle England said,

"Albeego has brought innovative and disruptive technology to their sector and we are delighted to be helping them bring their router to market."

The MTC's PMI provides space for start-ups to develop and manufacture prototypes of their innovative products. They have access to the MTC's world-class advanced manufacturing and research facilities, as well as the MTC's team of engineering and manufacturing experts.

Gabrielle England said,

"We are able to provide a de-risked environment for start-ups and entrepreneurs with the support of our product development team from concept to manufacture. The MTC's Product Manufacturing Incubator gives companies the opportunity to draw on the wider manufacturing community to create a successful and sustainable business. Our knowledgeable team offers an end-to-end service to reduce the stress of bringing a product to market."

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