Manufacturing Technology Centre and Digital Manufacturing Centre Launch New Collaboration
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Manufacturing technology centre and digital manufacturing centre launch new collaboration

The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) has grown its collaboration with Silverstone-based Digital Manufacturing Centre (DMC), with the partnership focusing on driving innovation and additive manufacturing (AM) focused solutions within the mobility, transport, aerospace and niche vehicle sectors. The MTC is home to the National Centre for Additive Manufacturing, which accelerates the uptake of AM by developing the technology and systems required to address the key challenges within the additive manufacturing value chain.

The collaboration aims to unlock the broader potential of AM applications, as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), motivated by net zero ambitions, are seeking lightweight, recyclable and sustainable components and manufacturing to improve vehicle energy efficiency and minimise whole lifecycle emissions.

Using complementary skillsets and capabilities, the partnership will cover everything from lab validation of technology through to prototype demonstration, completed design, production and, finally, fully operational technology and commercialisation.

The MTC’s experience in component design, product design, additive manufacturing and supply chain management will be accompanied by the DMC’s world-class additive production capabilities and industry experience, providing commercial, end-use ready components across a range of sectors.

We are very excited to be expanding our collaboration with the Digital Manufacturing Centre and tackling major challenges around the future of mobility and transport, particularly decarbonisation through light weighting and the use of recyclable materials. Here, at the MTC, we have extensive experience working within technology development programmes and designing parts for similar applications, we will be able to use the engineering and materials knowledge we have gained within this partnership to deliver competitive advantages for OEMs.
Chris Dunkley, Deputy Director, Oxfordshire Cluster, MTC
From the beginning, we set out to be a reference site for commercial additive manufacturing, solving industry challenges through the use of world-class AM processes, materials and engineering design. This new, extended partnership between us and the MTC will further our aim of addressing critical challenges within the mobility and transport sectors, leveraging the numerous and exciting benefits of AM to deliver better components and more efficient vehicles.
Kieron Salter, CEO, DMC

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