MTC installs state of the art waterjet guided laser
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MTC installs state of the art waterjet guided laser

The Coventry-based Manufacturing Technology Centre has made a significant investment in its industry-leading laser processing capability, with the installation of a Synova LCS305 waterjet guided laser.

The five-axis system, the only one currently in operation in the UK, allows engineers to cut, drill or machine complex shapes without the drawbacks associated with traditional laser machining such as heat build up or tapers. It can machine a range of materials including ceramics, hard to machine alloys and composites among others.

Bethan Smith, technology manager at the MTC, said the waterjet guided laser would allow the MTC to develop and use the latest technology to support industries across the UK with their manufacturing challenges.

"For example, we will be helping to develop production solutions for the machining of lightweight, high performance, hard to machine materials that will be crucial in helping manufacturing businesses hit the UK's upcoming net zero targets. As Synova is a Tier 2 member of the MTC we also look forward to working with the company to bring the latest machine developments and innovations for this technology to our customers."

Bernold Richerzhagen, chief executive at Synova said

"We are excited about the partnership with the MTC which is known to be THE innovation and technology hub for the manufacturing industry in the UK. We look forward to participating in joint research projects, learning about new industrial applications and benefiting from the organisation’s vast know-how and network."

He added:

"Together with our expertise in wet laser machining we believe we can be a competent partner for the MTC to advance manufacturing solutions for aeronautics and other sectors, among others on super-alloys, ceramics and CMC .”

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