MTC Welcomes Aegis Software as a new Member
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Aegis and MTC have been working together for many years and are now looking to further their work in the form of MTC membership, allowing Aegis to enhance the value they provide to UK manufacturing.

Aegis Software delivers a comprehensive and flexible end-to-end manufacturing execution system (MES) platform giving manufacturers speed, control, and visibility. Since its inception, Aegis has been helping more than 2,200 factories across the military, aerospace, electronics, medical, and automotive industries, drive rapid and continuous innovation with the highest quality, while reducing operational costs.

The activity which MTC and Aegis will embark on will focus on the promotion of the industrial internet of things, promotion of digital transformation through advanced manufacturing execution systems (MES), as well as the use of contextualisation of product, manufacturing, materials, quality, and execution data within MES.

Technologies and expectations in the industry around Smart factories, have come to a crucial point, with manufacturers needing sustainable, Smart and secure solutions, that address modern industry challenges. Our IIoT-based FactoryLogix MES, establishes a secure, Industry 4.0 environment, at the core of Digital Transformation in manufacturing. Being a member of MTC, brings us the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the UK manufacturing industry, building confidence based on specific business goals, applicable to any sector or size of company. We are looking forward to open exchanges of ideas and contributions to projects, that drive the manufacturing industry forward in terms of competitiveness, efficiency, and agility with utilization of advancing technologies.”
Daniel Walls, MD of EMEA at Aegis
We are really excited to have Aegis joining as members. Having worked with Aegis for a number of years, we are confident that this partnership will enhance and provide many benefits to UK manufacturing.
Naim Kapadia, Technology Manager, MTC

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