Switch Track Braiding Machine
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Switch track braiding machine


Brand new for January 2024 is a switch track braiding machine, capable of making a variety of novel products. The machine is the first of its kind in Europe, and is the only version of the machine independently accessible worldwide. 

The Switch Track Braiding Machine has multiple uses in:

  • Electrification - the production of high frequency motor and transformer windings, with an ability to vary the profile along the wire
  • Medical devices - the machine is perfect for creating novel branched stents
  • Automotive and Aerospace - the Switch Track Braiding Machine can be used for automated wiring harness manufacture

This machine is unique as it provides the user with the opportunity to make a variety of products on the same machine with switchable tracks. New materials, previously unused in braiding machines are now accessible (such as litz wire) and the machine can create much more complex designs than on other braiders currently available. 


Machine Footprint: 2800mm x 1205mm x 2426mm


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