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Accelerating the path to market for new robotics technologies and increasing the competitiveness of Europe's manufacturing sector

The Manufacturing Technology Centre has joined forces with three of Europe's leading research organisations: the Danish Technological Institute, Fraunhofer IPA and Tecnalia, to speed up the development of new robotic technologies and increase the competitiveness of Europe's manufacturing sector by offering free consultancy to companies who develop or deploy automation technology in industrial production. 

ROBOTT-NET will greatly enhance technology transfer from lower to higher TRLs by developing business cases and teaching all participants how to better communicate their ideas with financiers.

What's the offer?

We're offering free consultancy to anyone with a concrete idea, challenge or automation development project - from big manufacturers, SMEs and start-ups, to robot manufacturers, academic institutions and technology providers and everyone in between -  all can apply for support.

The MTC hosted 2 'Open Labs' in 2016, with a focus on industrial robotics and digital technologies.

Attended by over 100 manufacturers, SMEs, robot developers and technology providers, this was a valuable opportunity to find out how to apply for support and one of the 64 vouchers available through the project. The two events were valuable opportunities on finding out how to apply for one of the vouchers available through the project.

Couldn't make it? Check out the video from October 2016.

On the day, visitors benefitted from one-to-one meetings with robotics experts from the UK and Europe, who provided valuable information and advice on the voucher application process.

Case study:

AES applied for a voucher, wishing to improve their assembly and inspection processes by investigating tooling and/or automation solutions for a range of products. AES collaborated with the MTC and Fraunhofer IPA as part of ROBOTT-NET, with the voucher project helping AES with its automation process.

See how the voucher process benefitted AES in the video below

We recently hosted another ROBOTT-NET open lab in October 2017.

With many industry professionals and manufacturers attending, the day was a great success. If you missed it, however, you can catch up on the day's events with the video below.

For more information on ROBOTT-NET, please visit:

The ROBOTT-NET project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 688217.