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Welcome to Future Cube

A partnership to futureproof local manufacturing, logistics and construction businesses, enabling them to overcome challenges and accelerate innovation.

Future Cube has been established in order to Futureproof and Accelerate the performance of SMEs in the Greater London and Thames Gateway region. We Enable local manufacturing, logistics and construction businesses to overcome challenges and thrive. 

Future Cube draws on the extensive resources of the Manufacturing Technology Centre to address practical, technical, and strategic challenges faced by manufacturing, logistics and construction small and medium sized enterprises today.

All initial consultations are delivered at no cost to you and we only move forward if together we can agree the business case. We have access to the Innovate UK REACH small and medium sized enterprises grant scheme that can provide up to 50% towards the cost of your project with us.

Contact us today to find out how we can support your business and to book your free no obligation line walk!


What challenges can we help you address?

With our team of experienced engineers and the backing of the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry, the Future Cube team is ready and able to support the breadth of challenges faced by the SME manufacturing community from the implementation of new and emerging technologies to factory layout and process flow improvements.

  • Productivity
    Support with process flow improvements from material handling and processing techniques to business systems and layout.
  • Supply Chain Robustness
    Enabling the reshoring of key current supply chains to make domestic production globally competitive.
  • Digitalisation
    Accelerating the adoption of digital technologies that provide opportunity to boost productivity, from online work instructions to RFID stock tracking.
  • Technology Roadmapping
    Highlighting emerging technology trends and identifying the best fit for your business.
  • Technology Adoption
    Readying your business to adopt new technologies and de-risking your investment.
  • New Product & Process Development
    Support through the challenges of the design, prototype and testing phases to turn new concepts into commercially viable products.


Access up to 50% funding to support your project

Our aim is to provide as much support as possible to accelerate the performance of the UK's small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) and we know that we need to build trust and confidence before you invest. That's why our experienced team will only ever recommend solutions where there is a clear value and ROI on the project.

By working with us, eligible businesses can access Innovate UK REACH funding worth up to 50% of your investment based on the amount of time allocated to a programme of work. For every day of support a small or medium sized business (SMEs) invests in a qualifying project, the REACH programme will fund another day. 

Once engaged with Future Cube following initial consultations and confirmation of the work programme, our team will help secure the funding for you. 

*To access the funding you will be required to declare any other state aid that you may have received previously and be classified as an SME.


Book your free, no obligation line walk

To help businesses understand their challenges and how the MTC can help overcome them, the Future Cube offers free initial consultations.

The first step of your journey with us is a line walk of your facility with no obligation to commit to any of the work discussed.

A senior member of the team will visit your facility and conduct a tour of your business’s operations to obtain an initial understanding of the challenges faced, before providing guidance on the best route forward.

Future Cube brings skills and experience from across a range of technologies and, provided we can agree on a business case, the priorities, and an appropriate work programme, we will share with you a proposal outlining how Future Cube could support the implementation process.

For qualifying SMEs, we will also discuss with you the Innovate UK REACH funding that is available to support the cost of your project with us.

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