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De-risking adoption and maximising the impact of digital engineering solutions

Adopting new, digitally enabled manufacturing solutions that have sustainability at their core will enable UK businesses of all sizes to become more resilient and agile as the future of manufacturing remains predictable.

The implementation of highly refined digital engineering solutions and extracting the insight offered by big data will allow UK industry to analyse and improve current performance across its operations, to help drive business on a global scale and in doing so, prepare for a more sustainable future.

The MTC works across a multitude of sectors and understands the common challenges that they face, and is focussed on providing manufacturers with access to a de-risked environment containing physical and virtual testbeds, skills, as well as demonstrators, to help them accelerate their digital transformation. 


Industry Leading Capabilities
and Demonstrators

The broad expertise of the MTC, our industrial partners and the projects that our industry-leading engineers work on, means we are able to demonstrate real-life examples of the impact and capabilities of digital enabled manufacturing solutions.


Virtual, Physical &
Digital Testbeds

The MTC can provide UK manufacturing with access to the most relevant, cutting-edge testbeds. This allows businesses to utilise virtual, physical and digital testbeds to test drive a concept or assess the benefits of implementing certain solutions.


Multi-sector Expertise and 
Knowledge Transfer

The MTC has a wide range of state-of-the-art capabilities and expertise cultivated through our industry-leading experts and our membership. This expertise allows us to work collaboratively across all aspects of digitalisation to support businesses that deliver system solutions, and transfer knowledge to the next generation of engineers.




‣ Enhance operational flexibility

‣ Improve efficiencies and boost productivity

‣ Become more resilient to global challenges

‣ Be more environmentally sustainable

‣ Revolutionise supply chain performance

‣ Reduce costs

‣ Enhance health and safety



The MTC is part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult; an expansive network of fellow Research Technology Organisations (RTO’s), academia and industry, that work together to solve challenges faced by UK manufacturing.

By working with SME’s, OEM’s and large-scale organisations, MTC is adept in identifying how businesses can improve operationally to accelerate performance, from the implementation of new digital technologies to the adoption of automation.

By collaborating in this way, businesses can access and leverage experience, knowledge, and ideas across sectors to collectively achieve so much more. It is this that enables the MTC to deliver end-to-end digitally enabled solutions and help UK industry to solve the challenges faced across multiple areas, including:

  • Rapid Product and Process Development
  • Smart and Flexible Manufacturing
  • In-Service Support and Connected Supply Networks

For more information on specific capabilities and how they could support your business, you can visit the Modelling and Simulation, Informatics, or Metrology and NDT pages.


MTC is actively preparing for and working with UK manufacturing for a greener future, and assisting the UK Government in its aim to achieved net zero by 2050.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption throughout the production process, decreasing waste, and utilising more recycled materials, can all help industry become more environmentally friendly.

By combining insights, and using data cultivated through digital engineering methods and environmental modelling to improve the manufacturing process, MTC is supporting UK manufacturers of all sizes to play their part in a more resilient and sustainable global sector.