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Supporting UK manufacturing to unlock the world of digital inspection for a more sustainable and productive future, and enabling right first-time manufacturing

Metrology and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) are essential in helping manufacturers to understand their product quality and the condition of their assets.

Accessing the MTC’s expansive measurement and testing facilities and combining this with our digital engineering expertise lets our clients fully exploit the true value of inspection data, allowing them to make informed decisions that positively impact their business.

Adopting new, advanced inspection technologies will support UK manufacturers to increase their efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

But with change comes risk. The work of our metrology and NDT teams helps to de-risk and inform these decisions and enables manufacturers to confidently invest and positively plan for the future.    

Metrology and NDT play a key role in supporting the UK’s essential infrastructure. These techniques and technologies can be used to support the development of asset management strategies for a range of physical assets including road and rail infrastructure, utility distribution networks, defence equipment, buildings and other essential infrastructure assets.


Impartial Advice & Guidance

The MTC provides vendor agnostic advice, not driven by the need to achieve a sale. Our goal is to identify the best inspection solutions tailored to your specific needs that will prepare your business for a more productive future.


Metrology & NDT In One Place

Unique to the MTC, we combine the knowledge and skills of metrologists and NDT specialists within a single team. This provides a single point of contact and allows cutting edge development and best practices in both fields to be shared, creating a world leading digital approach to quality.


State-of-the-art Environment

By working with the MTC, you will not only have access to highly qualified and industry renowned specialists but will also be able to utilise our state-of-the-art facilities and technologies. These include ultra-high accuracy Coordinate-Measuring Machines in temperature controlled labs, Microfocus X-Ray Computed Tomography, Optical Surface Metrology, Advanced Ultrasonic Testing and more.


Multi-sector Expertise & Knowledge Transfer

The MTC has one of the largest Metrology and NDT teams across the UK with extensive experience across a range of sectors including aerospace, power and utilities, automotive, construction and defence. This expertise allows us to work collaboratively across all aspects of inspection and transfer knowledge to the next generation of engineers. 


There is a perception that Metrology and NDT are processes that do not add value to products. However, our belief is that this is an outdated view which fails to see the wider impact of measurement and inspection. In addition to ensuring products meet the design and functional requirements, improved inspection processes allow you to save money and time through process optimisation and to improve overall quality throughout the life of a product or asset.

By working with the MTC, you will gain access to our expert knowledge of inspection through a full service, client led approach to determine the most effective way to measure, test, optimise and validate your project.

Whether this project relates to inspecting and testing existing assets or identifying the most appropriate new, advanced technologies for your manufacturing process, our team of experts will use their experience and access to world leading equipment to deliver the best solution and the maximum ROI in a vendor agnostic manner.

Most importantly, from first engaging with us you will see that we have the capability to solve any inspection challenge, helping to de-risk the selection and provide the hard evidence required to support the business case when implementing new processes and technology.


A member of our team will visit your business to understand and define the problems that you are facing and identify the key requirements of your pre-existing or new inspection operation.


Once all notes and requirements have been collated, these will be used to generate a Numerical Pugh Decision Matrix. This methodology turns the problem definition into numerical figures and produces a score against a set of key criteria. This signifies the start of an in-depth down-selection process that takes note of all potential inspection solutions and ranks them in terms of suitability for the specific application.


Now that potential solutions to your inspection and testing challenges have been identified, we will utilise a combination of modelling and practical trials in order to validate the suitability of each and determine the optimal solution for your inspection challenge.


Following a comprehensive validation testing process, we will work with you to create a methodology to deploy it within your businesses, including providing impartial advice and supporting the creation of a business case.


The MTC is actively preparing for and working with UK manufacturing for a greener future, and assisting the UK Government in its aim to achieve net zero by 2050.

Through deploying more effective and appropriate monitoring and inspection solutions in established and new manufacturing processes including Additive Manufacturing to achieve regular right first-time manufacturing, businesses will see a number of environmental benefits. These include the reduction of waste and a maximisation of part-life.

By successfully combining the use of Metrology and NDT methodologies with the Digital Manufacturing lifecycle to create higher quality products, the MTC is supporting UK manufacturers of all sizes to play their part in a more resilient and sustainable global sector. 



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