Modelling and Simulation
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De-risking the adoption of innovative technologies and processes in a virtual environment

Modelling and Simulation have long been identified as key technologies to support the future of UK manufacturing, yet today they still remain largely unexploited by many industries.

As we strive for a greener future and look to meet the government’s target of reaching Net Zero by 2050, Modelling and Simulation will be vital to enable technologies that will help organisations on a global scale to make informed business decisions at a faster rate without the associated risks of traditional physical trials, before committing large capital expenditure.

From inventors to large OEMs, at the MTC (Manufacturing Technology Centre) we understand the importance of these state-of-the-art technologies in transforming companies of all sizes and the confidence that a ‘Right First Time’ approach brings. Our team of experts are on-hand to help companies from all sectors to understand these techniques, from discrete processes to entire production systems, and provide a virtual environment to de-risk the implementation of new manufacturing technologies, which cover the whole life cycle of a manufacturing process, to boost the performance of UK businesses.


Approach, Vendor & Software Agnostic

The MTC provides impartial vendor agnostic advice, not driven by the need to achieve a sale. This extends to the modelling and simulation software that we are able to use. Our goal is to identify the most appropriate approach and tool to use for the task at hand to ensure businesses can make informed decisions with confidence.


A Full-Service, Flexible Solution

We are able to combine our modelling and simulation work to ensure that we can provide industry with a full-service solution. The size and diversity within our team enables us to help businesses with any challenge, and we are always advancing our own capabilities and so that we are able to work within your business model to meet your requirements.


Multi-Sector Expertise

The MTC is part of the High Value Manufacturing Catapult; an expansive network of fellow Research Technology Organisations (RTO’s), academia and industry, that work together to solve challenges faced by UK manufacturing. By collaborating in this way, businesses can access and leverage the experience within our ecosystem to address the problems faced when introducing innovative technologies.




  1. Safer, risk-free testing environment to explore what-if scenarios

  2. Cost-effective approach compared to physical testing

  3. Reduced time-to-market for product and process development

  4. Up-front decisions and informed capital investment through increased process knowledge

  5. Asset management insight throughout the complete supply chain

  6. Positive impact on the sustainability of your business and the environment


The MTC has a wide range of state-of-the-art capabilities and industry-leading expertise, it is already transforming sectors including fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), food and beverages, aerospace, military and defence, construction and automotive, by creating virtual environments for businesses to make tangible improvements in a de-risked manner.

By working with businesses of all sizes, the MTC is adept in applying the latest digital tools in different environments to support innovation in rapid product and process design, to define process parameters and identify failure mechanisms, and to reduce expensive physical testing leading to more robust manufacturing processes and quality products.

The modelling and simulation team can also support across the entire supply chain with multiple simulation methods, from optimising digital facility design, adaptive planning and scheduling or in-service production assessments, to empower key stakeholders in developing a business case for investment in technologies and processes with a greater chance of right first-time implementation.

Our full-service approach allows evidence-based decision making and extends to comprehensive knowledge transfer. This supports in the deployment of applications and gives access to the tools required to overcome the challenges faced in the real world.

The MTC are striving to embed these skills into UK manufacturing and the wider supply chain, accelerating the shift towards a prosperous digital future for all to access.



The MTC is actively preparing for and working with UK manufacturing for a greener future, and assisting the UK Government in its aim to achieve net zero by 2050.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption throughout the production process, decreasing waste, and utilising more recycled materials, can all help industry become more environmentally friendly.

By combining insights, and using data cultivated through advanced modelling and simulation techniques, the MTC is able to estimate the environmental impact of process changes that a business is looking to implement and help to identify areas where they could become more sustainable via adopting a circular economy manufacturing approach.

Operating simulations and analysis in a virtual world also reduces the amount of physical testing needed to develop an optimal solution and allows businesses to evaluate the life cycle of its products and implement more sustainable production processes, reducing the overall carbon footprint and creating a more resilient and sustainable global sector.