MTC Construction and Infrastructure Projects To Get R&D Funding
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MTC Construction and Infrastructure Projects To Get R&D Funding

The Manufacturing Technology Centre has been announced as a recipient in UK Research and Innovation’s latest round of Collaborative Research and Development funding, with five different projects receiving a significant slice of £36 million of Government funding.

Susan Hone-Brookes, strategic account manager, at the MTC, said:

“We are delighted with the result of the latest round of funding. We will be working closely with consortium members across the five projects. These projects will enable us to press on and make the impact we are striving for as a Catapult to support the construction sector.  All of the projects have unique challenges to support the push to a net-zero carbon world, including digital machine learning advancement, standardisation of modular design, supply chain readiness, and strategic collaboration to achieve innovation in infrastructure. Our teams are looking forward to working closely with the consortiums to successfully deliver the projects.”

This announcement comes as the Construction Sector Deal – an ambitious partnership between government and industry to transform the sector’s productivity and upskill the workforce - celebrates its two-year anniversary. 

As members of the Construction Innovation Hub, the MTC is also uniquely positioned to align its work to this flagship programme and maximise the impact of innovation in the sector.

The MTC's winning demonstrator projects are:

-    Seismic II – Building on the achievements of SEISMIC I, this project will develop repeatable components for a platform frame which will deliver a world leading low carbon solution for mass production of Government and commercially built assets.

-    AACE (AI-enabled Automated Cost and Carbon Estimating) – This project aims to use artificial intelligence (AI) to better align building information models (BIM) with accurate carbon and cost metrics from the outset of design. This ability will deliver better carbon outcomes and support the shift to a net-zero carbon building solutions.

-    Transport Infrastructure Efficiency Living Labs - This project brings together key UK transport client groups, suppliers and academic experts to establish a Transport Infrastructure Efficiency "Living Lab" to build capability in delivery, innovation and managing construction risk.

The MTC's research and development projects are:

-    Ci-iT (Change impact intelligence tool) – In conjunction with other consortia partners, the MTC is working to create the first AI-enabled digital platform for data-driven change impact intelligence and management.

-    IGNITE (Integrated Intelligent Digital Tendering System) – This project will create digital tools to develop an end-to-end digital platform which integrates design outputs, on and offsite programme activities, and supply chain readiness.

All the competition winners have shown a great ambition to push the boundaries and transform UK construction by using truly innovative new techniques. These projects will contribute to maximising the advantages for UK industry from the global shift to net-zero - as well as providing benefits for consumers.
Sam Stacey, Challenge Director for the Transforming Construction Challenge, UKRI

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