Pioneers in CFD Industry Join the MTC
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Flow Science UK Ltd, a member of the Flow Science group, has joined the MTC as a Tier 3 member to share the pioneering capabilities of Flow Science's Computational Fluid Dynamics software, FLOW-3D, in the area of welding and additive manufacturing.

Engineers and scientists at leading companies and research institutions around the world rely on Flow Science’s FLOW-3D software products to solve the toughest free surface CFD problems in civil and environmental engineering, metal casting, aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, microfluidics and consumer products, as well as welding and additive manufacturing.

We are delighted to see Flow Science UK join the MTC. This partnership makes sense to us, as we are both involved in similar industries and sectors, and we are looking forward to continuing this partnership in the form of MTC membership.
Willem Denmark, Technology Manager, Physics Modelling, MTC

FLOW-3D software is widely used in several manufacturing industries and sectors which are aligned to those of the MTC and its members. The partnership between Flow Science UK and the MTC has developed as both organisations have similar philosophies to applying modelling and simulation methods to analysis of real-world problems encountered in the high value manufacturing technologies hosted at the MTC, such as high integrity fabrication and additive manufacturing.

FLOW-3D products provide tailored workflows for specific applications, allowing these tools to become more accessible and usable for end users.

The partnership between the MTC and Flow Science UK will see engagement in collaborative programmes to demonstrate and develop CFD simulation tools for industrial challenges and demands, to scale-up the simulations to product and component levels, and to integrate the simulations into other simulation workflows that exist in the MTC, with the MTC being a portal for validation and verification against physical trials and experimentation through the National Centre of Additive Manufacturing facilities and MTC machines and assets.

Flow Science has a long history of developing simulation software (FLOW-3D) dedicated to advanced manufacturing processes, so we are delighted to be partnering with the MTC to support cutting edge research. At Flow Science, we recognise the critical work being done at the MTC to drive manufacturing innovation in the UK, and simulation presents a critical element in the adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies. I’m looking forward to seeing our software technology used across a range of projects at the MTC as well as gleaning industrial knowledge that will help guide future development efforts.
Mark Keating, Managing Director, Flow Science UK Ltd

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