Manufacturing Technology Centre
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Clare Pickin

Managing Director - MTC Operations

"I joined due to my deep seated belief in the MTC’s ability to change the manufacturing sector in the UK."

Clare Pickin is MD for the Manufacturing Technology Centre.

Prior to joining MTC in 2020, Clare spent 10 years working for Saint Gobain, in construction products as Group Operations Director and General Manager. And previously she has 15 years of experience in the automotive sector, working for a component manufacturer, an automotive OEM and a capital equipment supplier.

Her background is very firmly in manufacturing having started out with a Manufacturing Engineering degree from Aston University, and she believes that UK manufacturing is essential for economic sustainability, and is very keen to spread the word and encourage talent to enter this profession. Clare’s role in MTC provides her with the opportunity to more widely impact UK plc, through encouraging innovation and the use of a manufacturing mind-set, tools and techniques across a wide range of industry sectors.